LinkedIn Uncovered

For many of us, LinkedIn is the first stop in the hunt for an internship or job and the pinnacle of networking with people we don’t know. At the same time, it can feel a little impersonal to reach out to a stranger online. As a former recruiter, I can’t overstate the value of the site both in helping others find jobs and in driving my own job search, but I also know it can sometimes be difficult or frustrating to navigate. That said, it is an incredible resource to learn more about companies and positions of interest and should absolutely be a part of every job-seeker’s toolkit.

Over the years, LinkedIn has made numerous changes to its website and app to improve how people search for, connect to, and communicate with each other, many of which can be hard to find. Luckily, we’ve partnered with a team of former LinkedIn employees who’ve put together a free course for our students that exposes the underside of the iceberg that is job-searching with LinkedIn. The course was just updated with modules that showcase recent changes and techniques for finding, contacting, scheduling, and speaking with employees and alumni at your target companies.

Access the course using the following sign-up link:  Career Masterclass – Use LinkedIn to Land the Perfect Job

By Neel Mitragotri
Neel Mitragotri Graduate Research Assistant