Guest Career Coach Dawn Graham, on Visibility

My new ‘coaching mentor’ is Dawn Graham, Director of Career Management for Wharton’s Executive MBA program.  I stumbled across her great article on Visibility, which has relevance for our working professional Evening MBAs beyond the current economic downturn.  It also has great strategies for our new MBA graduates starting a new role, for the first 90 days and beyond.  At the bottom of the article, she shares a link to her LinkedIn Learning course on increasing visibility.  It’s only 25 minutes long and worth your time.  She’s gotten me thinking about personal branding in a different way, and it’s been helpful to reframe this with the idea of increasing your visibility vs. self promotion.

Dawn has a lot of thoughtful ideas and suggestions, she’s a featured contributor on Forbes discussing topics like career pivoting and networking remotely.  She’s worth following on LinkedIn.

By Kelley Broome
Kelley Broome MBA Career Coach & Corporate Relations Manager