Career Development Summer Reading List for incoming Fall 2021 Full-time MBAs

Hello, incoming Scheller Full-time MBAs for Fall 2021!  As you begin your prep to transition from your current work life to student engagement again, here is a reading list of suggested books and resources for you, courtesy of the Jones MBA Career Center team.  These resources will guide you through interview prepping for specific roles you may be targeting.  It’s good to start early, internship interviews will begin for some of you much quicker than you realize, as early as July!

Required Reading: TBD, we will post on the Canvas site with your summer homework.

Case Interview Preparation

Case interviewing is a critical skill that needs to be mastered by any student pursuing consulting jobs. The skills are also relevant to all MBA students, as cases or mini-cases are increasingly used as part of the interview process for other functional areas. Here is a list of case interviewing and consulting resources for summer reading and preparation.


This resource is recommended to prepare for marketing interviews.

Product Management

These two resources have been recommended by current and former MBA students to prepare for product management interviews.


By Kelley Broome
Kelley Broome MBA Career Coach & Corporate Relations Manager