The Jones MBA Career Center team is available for in person and virtual appointments.  (See “About Us/Meet the Team” for contact info.)  If you choose to meet with us in person, you will be asked to join us in wearing a mask for one on one meetings in the Jones Center Suite. Be sure to check out our “Resources” tab, article posts below, and events calendar for added content related to employer engagement for the 2021-22 recruiting season.

Interview Preparation

Virtual Recruiting Best Practices

From Relish Careers:

Virtual recruiting – or the process of finding, applying, and interviewing for jobs through online digital platforms – has been an increasingly valuable supplement to in-person, on-campus recruiting activities over the last several years. But with the ongoing COVID-19 …

By Sara Chamberlain
Sara Chamberlain
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“The Top Skills You’ll Need to Succeed as a Product Manager” – The Muse

What do you really need to know to be a successful product manager? This great article from The Muse breaks it down, highlighting everything from Agile methodology to empathy.

The Top Skills You’ll Need to Succeed as a Product Manager …

By Sara Chamberlain
Sara Chamberlain
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“Considering a New Job? Beware a Culture Misfit.” – WSJ Article

The Wall Street Journal shared an excellent article on assessing company culture. Culture fit is a critical contributor to success in any new role. Even if a job offer seems attractive, be sure to do a thorough assessment to ensure …

By Sara Chamberlain
Sara Chamberlain
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Break Into Tech – Job Search Guides

Here is a great batch of free content from Jeremy Shifeling with Break Into Tech to help you with the entire job search process in technology. Enjoy!

Happy 2020!

To help you make the most of the new decade, …

By Sara Chamberlain
Sara Chamberlain
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Using the STAR Technique to Answer Interview Questions

Behavioral interview questions—the ones that usually start with “Tell me about a time when…”—can often be the hardest to answer. You have to recall a relevant experience and explain what happened in a way that shows you’re well-suited for the …

By Deborah Swerdlow - Idealist Careers
Idealist Careers
Idealist Careers | Helping you land, love, and grow in your social-impact career. And visit explore thousands of great jobs and social-impact organizations near you.
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