The Jones MBA Career Center team is available for in person and virtual appointments.  (See “About Us/Meet the Team” for contact info.)  If you choose to meet with us in person, you will be asked to join us in wearing a mask for one on one meetings in the Jones Center Suite. Be sure to check out our “Resources” tab, article posts below, and events calendar for added content related to employer engagement for the 2021-22 recruiting season.

Full-time MBA Students

Yes, You Can Still Learn About Company Culture When Interviewing Remotely—Here’s How

There are a number of things you consider when evaluating whether or not a job is a good match for you. You need a salary that meets your expectations, responsibilities that get you excited, and a manager you think you’d …

By Kat Boogaard - The Muse
The Muse
Expert advice to answer your career questions.
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How to Answer “What Can You Bring to the Company?” -The Muse

This interview question can be a huge opportunity to highlight what a valuable candidate you are. This excellent article from The Muse provides some tips on how to respond to this question.

How to Answer “What Can You Bring to …

By Sara Chamberlain
Sara Chamberlain Sara Chamberlain
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The Definitive Guide to Scrum: The Rules of the Game

Check out The Scrum Guide for an overview on Scrum. According to this guide “Scrum is a lightweight framework that helps people, teams and organizations generate value through adaptive solutions for complex problems.”

By Maria Harper
Maria Harper Profile Picture
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Looking for your next business podcast?

If you’re looking for a new source of podcast material, consider one of the following business podcasts:

Leadership Next – This podcast by Fortune Magazine features interviews with CEOs of major companies to ask about their philosophy on leadership, stakeholder …

By Sara Chamberlain
Sara Chamberlain Sara Chamberlain
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What size company is best for YOU? -The Muse

This article from The Muse lays out some pros and cons of big and small companies. These considerations are great thought-starters to help you reflect on what type of company might be the best fit for you. Read the full …

By Sara Chamberlain
Sara Chamberlain Sara Chamberlain
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