Latin American MBA Club

The Latin American (LatAm) MBA Club is a One-MBA organization that aims to connect Latino/a/x/Hispanic MBA students and allies with alum and business leaders to support the advancement of our members at Scheller. The Latin American MBA Club plans to foster a diverse, inclusive, vibrant, and innovative community and to increase awareness of the multifaceted identities within the Latinx/Hispanic community. Additionally, we provide regular professional, social, and cultural opportunities to members of our organization to prepare and empower them to become future leaders in business. Club members are encouraged to join and become an affiliate of Prospanica, formerly known as the National Society of Hispanic MBAs.

Latin American MBA events include, but are not limited to:

  • Professional Development Opportunities
    • Scheller Alumni Panel
    • Preparing for Prospanica Career Fair
    • Prospanica Affiliation
    • Mentorship program
  • Social Opportunities
    • Socials with LOGRAS
    • Networking with Local ERGs
    • Semesterly Social Event
  • Cultural Opportunities
    • Cultural Identity Discussions
      • What’s in a Name: Latinx/o/a vs Hispanic
      • Culture Clash in Corporate
    • Communicating Across Local and Global Cultures Workshop

Founder and President: Kelci Reyes-Brannon

Vice President, Full-Time MBA: Luis Trejo

Vice President, First Year MBA: Sara Rios